Standard displays for indoor

The XC50 series is optimized for indoor applications. One- and double-sided devices are offered. The unilaterally readable devices have a LED matrix on the front, the two-sided readable devices have a LED matrix on the front and back. The unilaterally devices are for wall mounting, the two-sided readable devices are for hanging installation.

Special equipment and accessories

Air conditioner

For use under very high ambient temperatures the bigger displays, which are readable from one side, can be equipped with air conditioners.

Front pane glass

The indoor units of the XC50 series have front panes made of high-quality plastic. If sparks, radiant heat or similar effects are to be expected at the place of use, they can be fitted with front panels made in safety glass. The dimensions of the devices may vary.

Serie XC50 - Lockable housings

Lockable housings

The displays can be easily opened and closed with quick-release fasteners. Optionally lockable closures are possible.

Serie XC50 - Mast mounting
Serie XC50 - Pedestal mounting

Mast mounting/pedestal mounting

Suitable mounting accessories are available for mounting the devices to masts. For larger displays pedestal systems are offered.


The supply of data and power cables is done via cable glans. Optionally the displays are available with connectors for the data and power cable.

Serie XC50 - Optical signalers
Serie XC50 - Acoustic signalers

Acoustic and optical signalers

The displays can be equipped with flashing lights, warning beacons, horns or sound modules to for example signal a change on the display.

System solutions

User- or industry-specific solutions can be easily realized by additional software modules in the control computer. Examples are call systems, guidance systems, production control, etc..

Serie XC50 - System solutions