Alphanumeric large size displays

The SX302 series comprises single line alphanumeric large size displays with character heights of 50 or 100 mm. They are suitable to display short information such as article number, registration number, etc.


Readable one- or double-sided

The large size displays are offered either with a one- or a doublesided display. The versions with a double-sided display have a LED matrix on the front and on the rear side and show the same information on both sides.

Interfaces for industrial data communication

The large size displays support the interfaces for the industrial communication: field buses, network topologies, serial control, etc.


Innovative details

The devices dispose of potential-free switching outputs and PLC compatible function inputs (except devices with Profi bus interface). The parameterization of the devices is carried out in a menu which is shown on an internal display. In connection with a serial data interface proceeding characters can be ignored in the data telegram to selectively evaluate the user data.