Panel mount displays

The digitals displays of the S202 series are designed for installation in front panels or for switch panel mounting. With character heights of 57 mm for the numeric versions they are also well readable from further distances.


Second display on the back of the unit

On the back side of the unit a second display shows the same values as the main display. There is no need for the main display to be visible during commissioning and parameterization. In the menu mode a menu appears in the second display. Operation modes, parameters and device functions are defined in the menu. You can also define a fixed decimal point, if leading zeros are to be displayed or not to be displayed or if a display test has to take place after power-on.


Switching outputs

Units with analog or counting pulse inputs have potential-free switching outputs. The switching points are to be set in the menu.


Sensor supply

The units have a voltage source to supply the sensors or signalers (applies to devices with analog, parallel or counting pulse input).

Extended character set

Among the digits the character set also contains letters and special characters which can be displayed with a 7- segment matrix (applies to devices with serial or fieldbus interface).


Dimension symbols

The shown dimension symbols are available.