Digital displays for Profinet

The digital displays of the S102 series are compact devices for installation in front panels or for switch panel mounting. The character height is 14 or 25 mm. They are available as four-, five- or six-digit displays.

Series S102 Profinet

Comfortable parameterization

The displays are fully parameterized with an engineering framework, for example Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Siemens portal. This permits the parameterization even in build-in condition.

Integrated switch

The devices have two RJ45 sockets and an integrated IRT-ready switch in accordance with the conformance class CC-C.


Extended character set

Among the digits the character set also contains the other letters and special characters which can be displayed with a 7-segment matrix.


Display overflow and underflow

If the display receives values which can not be displayed the following signs appear in the display.


Leading zeros

The numbers of the leading zeros can be set individually.


If the Smart-Dot-Function is activated the display moves the decimal point automatically, so that the value before decimal point is automatically displayed. The decimal places are either truncated or rounded.
To display a date or a code several decimal points can be displayed also.

Smart Dot

Different presentational attribute

Values can be displays left-justified or right-justified. There are also different flashing modes to choose.
An automatic change in presentation is possible as well as when exceeding two threshold values or when falling below two threshold values. If for example the limit value is exceeded the value is flashing in the display. When the value returns to a value within the threshold the value shines permanently on the display again.

Unit conversion function

A formula, which can be stored in the display, allows the displaying of values in other measuring units, for example degrees Fahrenheit in degrees Celsius or kilograms to tons.

Dimension symbols

Many dimension symbols are available. See Technical data for table.